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Jody Cross

Jody is an established artist living in Denver, Colorado. She has been an artist since her youth and her childhood sketchbooks were filled with sea monsters, animals, fantasy.

She has taken art classes from elementary school all the way past college, she is a continuous student.

During college she focused on themes in nightmares and nature in printmaking/sculpting/and painting. After graduating from TSU with honors, Jody went through an artistic drought, how sad! Oh, but one day she started again and hasn’t stopped since.

Jody met a group of artists who introduced her to live painting, imaginative installations, and art and music festivals. She started attending live shows with friends in Austin, TX and soon began traveling around the US. She then started travels to other countries to paint and expand her studies.

Along the way she spread the creative fire by organizing art events for her community closer to home. The first SPARK award from the city of San Marcos, TX Arts Council was presented to Jody for the production and creation of Martian Culture Art Experience.

Jody and her father Craig Cross at TSU during her graduation gallery show. December, 2011.

Jody and her father Craig Cross at TSU during her graduation gallery show. December, 2011.

Significant Art Accomplishments


WALTON ARTHOUSE, ASHLAND OR - Underwater Group Show 2019

CULTIVATE 712, WACO, TX - Gallery Artist and Silk Fans 2018-2019

ART AFTER DARK, HEALSBURG, CA - Artist and Fire Performer 2018

VOYAGE HOUSTON, TEXAS - Artist Interview -

ART OUTSIDE CAMPOUT / FEST, TX - Live Painter, Gallery Artist, Outdoor Art Installations 2010-2018

SAN MARCOS ARTS LEAGUE - Artist Member 2018

FLOWSTORM - Live Painter 2018

SCRATCH HOUSE ATX, KALYA SCINTILLA & WHITEBEAR SHOW - Head of Altar Building Crew, Live painter 2018

THE MOVEMENT GALLERY SATX - The Art of Consciousness / Artist / Group Show 2018

MARTIAN ARTS FEST - "The Sweet Nothing Machine" / art installation on-site 2018

K.HUCK PRODUCTIONS - Artist Member Current

BOWER BIRD GALLERY - Manager/Curator 2012

SPARK AWARD, SMTX - Award from SMarts for starting Martian Culture Art Experience 2015

CHELSEA SCHOOL OF ART, London - Artist Portfolio Building 2011


KERR ARTS & CULTURAL CNTR- Gallery Show 2016

KERRVILLE FOLK FEST- Live Painter, Gallery Artist, Vibe Tribe Crew 2015-Current

ENVISION FEST, Costa Rica - Live Painter 2015

GEM & JAM FEST, AZ - Live Painter 2014

CREATE CULTURE, ATX - Live Painter 2014-Current

MARTIAN CULTURE, SMTX - Manager/Founder Yr 1,Live Painter, Gallery, Fire Dancer 2014

SONIC BLOOM, CO - Live Painter 2014

FIREFLY GATHERING, AZ - 2 Years, Live Painter and Gallery 2014-2015

SEED FEST, TX - Live Painter, Gallery Artist 2016

PIRATE PARTY FEST, MT - Live Painter and Gallery Artist 2017

LBJ MUSEUM ART SHOW, TX - Live Painter, Gallery Artist 2012-Current


TWRF/Mermaid Fest, TX - Art Organizer/Art Market Organizer 2013/2017 

RAINBOW PAINT NIGHT at Stonewall, TX - Organizer , Live Painter , Gallery Artist 2015

INFUSION, TX - Live Painter, Fire Dancer 2017-2018

ART SQUARED, TX - Art Market, Vending 2017-2018

THE GOOD STUFF COMMUNITY STORE, TX- Art Gallery Market Artist 2017

WALKER'S GALLERY, TX- Gallery Artist 2013-2018

WAKE THE DEAD, TX - Solo shows and live painting 2011-Current

SPACE LAB, TX - Member of art gallery/art studio, project organizer, event coordination 2014-2015

E.A.S.T., ATX - Gallery and Live Painter 2016



I create because I believe it is positive, powerful, and meaningful. When I take time to design or admire artwork I immediately feel the positive impact. Art influences the world we live in and it is a universal language that we can use to communicate with one another. I think this connection is very important for us all during this time.